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As the only surf travel company specialising in all-inclusive surf coaching trips in the Maldives, you’re in the best hands if you want to take take your surfing to the next level in paradise.

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The Renegade Difference

Here are a few reasons you’ll want to surf with us:

Small details, big difference

By joining a Renegade Surf Travel surf coaching trip, you become a renegade surfer and part of the crew. From small things like personalised coaching notes and welcome packs to the super important things like ensuring the post-surf beers are chilled to perfection, we’ve got your back.

Trips by surfers, for surfers

All of our coaching trips include a knowledgeable guide who is a passionate surfer. Plus, when you hop on the phone with us, you know you’ll be speaking with a Maldives surfing expert who’s just as surf obsessed as you.

Responsible Travel

Truly sustainable travel is a misnomer, but we can still strive to travel more responsibly. Therefore we work with local operators who support green initiatives, carbon offset our trips, provide all guests with reusable water bottles and pay a higher wage to the local boat crews we work with.

Uncrowded Waves

Our Surf Coaching Trips put priority on seeking out uncrowded lineups. With us you’ll get off the beaten track, catch more waves and have more fun. As a result, we can capture way more footage for video analysis and ultimately help you take your surfing to the next level faster.

Small groups, better coaching

Where most companies try to squeeze as many guests in as possible, we prefer to keep our groups small and provide a more personalised and in-depth coaching experience. You’ll get your own private cabin, more space on board and more enjoyable overall experience.

Pre-trip Questionnaire

Prior to all of our Surf Coaching Trips, we require you to fill out a short questionnaire. This ensures that everyone who joins us is a good fit for the trip and the waves we are likely to be surfing. It also allows us to tailor our coaching to your goals, plan airport transfers and cater for any dietary requirements.

Our Purpose

What makes us tick:

“We offer premium surf coaching trips for the 80% of surfers who occupy the under-served gap between post-beginner and advanced”

  • Providing an in-depth yet concise surf coaching course tailored to your ability and goals.
  • Challenging you to get out of your comfort zone and push your limits safely.
  • Surfing in some of the most perfect and progression friendly locations on earth.
  • Connecting with like minded people

Why Surfing Matters

Surfing can change lives. I know because it changed mine.

I was late to surfing and honestly wasn’t sold on it at first. It was cold (being from the UK), I didn’t like the beach and after catching my first whitewater wave I didn’t really see what all the fuss was about.

However, catching and dropping into my first unbroken wave at age 16 was a game changer. The feeling of dropping down and gliding along a smooth wall of water was on another level from what I’d previously experienced. Having the independence to travel only deepened the addiction and I became obsessed with researching new spots, cross-referencing charts and learning about ocean science.

There has long been a attitude that ‘surfing is a lifestyle not a sport’ or ‘you just need more time in the ocean’ to improve. Surfing is a lifestyle AND a sport and I’ve seen countless surfers who have spent a lifetime in the ocean stuck at the same plateau, yet never consider coaching. This is unheard of in most other sports and something I wanted to change. Why should surf lessons only be for beginners or elite level competitors? What about the other 80% of us?

Surfing gives us purpose, drive, a healthy lifestyle and a connection with nature. We can take it for granted once it becomes second nature but imagine how different your life would be without it. Treat your surfing to some coaching and I’m certain your sessions will begin to consist of less frustration and more enjoyment. After all, we surf because we enjoy it!

Simon Hartley,

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